Column Grouping

Hi Everyone,

I am helping our development department move their grant tracking spreadsheet into Monday. I am very unfamiliar with grant tracking but I’m the designated “monday person” at my agency so there may be a better way to do this in general, but the grant tracking template I saw on monday’s use cases wasn’t detailed enough to capture everything our team is tracking.

I was thinking that it would be useful to be able to “group” columns and have the headers shaded a slightly different color, maybe with an option to add a title to a group of columns like this so that all columns that are associated with the same task (thank you letter, year end report, etc) are easily identifiable when you’re scrolling on a wide board.

Excellent suggestion. I’d love to see something similar in Monday.


@JohnW and @caseyparnis

Hi John and Casey!
Are you referring to something like this? I’ve been wanting this one for a while it would make a world of a difference in some of our boards! please consider … Thanks!


Great mockup. Yes, something like the 2nd screenshot is what I had envisaged.

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Nice! I’d love this feature.

I’d further add the option to expand/contract these groups (as most spreadsheets provide the capability of doing).

While Monday already has the “hide” column ability, this expand/contract design pattern would likely need to be reworked since the existing pattern doesn’t accommodate labels. With multiple groups, labels would be needed to more easily differentiate. As for color, the existing color pattern configuration modal could be used, with assumed “lighter” background colors for simplicity’s sake.


+1 and big ups to @alejencia’s mock up! Will vote on that thread as well.

As we expand our column set further it becomes tough to tell the difference between columns. Simple grouping and/or shading like-columns would be a massive improvement.


I love everything I’m hearing in this thread! It is simple things like this that would really allow me to never look back at Excel (at least when it comes to project management).

Additionally, there are several sets of columns that could benefit from data linking like you see with the Combo Columns. So, Custom Combo Columns would be great!