Column Grouping

Hi Everyone,

I am helping our development department move their grant tracking spreadsheet into Monday. I am very unfamiliar with grant tracking but I’m the designated “monday person” at my agency so there may be a better way to do this in general, but the grant tracking template I saw on monday’s use cases wasn’t detailed enough to capture everything our team is tracking.

I was thinking that it would be useful to be able to “group” columns and have the headers shaded a slightly different color, maybe with an option to add a title to a group of columns like this so that all columns that are associated with the same task (thank you letter, year end report, etc) are easily identifiable when you’re scrolling on a wide board.

Excellent suggestion. I’d love to see something similar in Monday.

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@JohnW and @caseyparnis

Hi John and Casey!
Are you referring to something like this? I’ve been wanting this one for a while it would make a world of a difference in some of our boards! please consider … Thanks!

Great mockup. Yes, something like the 2nd screenshot is what I had envisaged.

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