Column stack tabs (horizontal grouping tabs)

Hi, we have large boards and would be keen on getting “tabs” so that we can access grouped columns/parts of a board easier as our processes generally flows left to right. Its quite fiddly using the scroll bars on long boards. Maybe these could sit at the bottom of the screen? Perhaps the background of those columns could be optionally coloured as per tab?

I’d also like this. I like the way mirrored columns from one connection are lightly color-coded - even if we can’t group columns to move as one, I would still find it nice if we could assign “groups” of columns a color, just to keep related info easily identifiable even if they’re not mirrored from another board.

Hi there Paul, Sounds like you need a custom view for your boards.
I’d love to help out, I have few premade solutions I developed to other clients, they might also fit here.