Column Templates which include all Statuses, etc

Hello! I have 15 boards, and each one has many status columns. During my process flow (which is not always linear), I move items between different boards. Depending on the stage and the user, different columns will be hidden, shifted, or accessible via permissions to suite the needs and tasks of the owner of that board. I have to have the same columns exist for all boards so that I do not lose data as each item moves through the process. (Having a master database to draw from with two way updating between master dataset and subdatasets would be the ideal solution, but that’s another topic.)

Here is my problem: If I add to the status options in a column (for example, by adding a brand new finance code), I now have the problem of updating that column in 14 other boards. If I were to modify 20 different status columns in one board, I have to then manually duplicate/recreate those changes in my other 15 boards - that is 20*15 = 300 status item modifications that need caught up, which is a crazy bad use of time.

My Request: Is there a way to save a column as a template, so that once I change the template, I can simply go to my other boards and update to the latest template? Having the option to make it a global template that only needs one change to update all related columns on all boards would also be amazing. That would be a massive timesaver each time I update my process. I can focus on finding creative solutions to process flow rather than hours of manual updating, plus always being paranoid that the status fields don’t match, resulting in the loss of crucial data whenever items move between boards. I believe what makes potentially such a great alternative CRM is the allure that one person with only spreadsheet knowledge might be able to tackle all one’s needs without having to hire out a specialized software person to work on complex solutions full time. But, basic features like the one I just described need to be available so that someone like myself can actually implement their vision.

If I’m missing something here I would love to be wrong! Thank you.

Hi @BillClearwaterFL - Column templates are indeed a thing in monday․com! They are available on the Enterprise plan and work exactly as you wish: a change to the “master” column template affects all the copies.

You can read a bit about them here: Does offer templates? – Support and then click on “Create a column template” in the left navigation.

I would be happy to demo how column templates work and answer any other questions you have about Enterprise features if you’re interested in learning more. Feel free to schedule a "More with monday․com strategy session here: Book Polished Geek: more with

You don’t have to have Enterprise plan to create a column template. I’ve done it many times. But (if I’m not misstaken) you cannot change the template so it changes everywhere you’ve used it.

Confusingly, Monday’s support article says it’s an Enterprise feature.


But I too have got the “Save Column as a Template” option available on my Pro plan.

We use the connected board column with mirrored columns to do the same / similar thing. The main board contains core columns that apply to all sub boards allowing to make the change there once, it is then mirrored to all sub boards, on the flip side columns only specific to sub boards can be mirrored to the main board to create a more or less dashboard…the pit fall is that if you do this using status columns you may have issues automating sub boards which use a status from the main board. You cannot trigger an automation from a mirrored status column.

Not yet, but it’s coming! :slight_smile:

When the feature was first released, it was in monday.labs for Pro plans. If you played with the feature at some point while it was in beta you probably got grandfathered into it when they reclassified it to Enterprise. I just checked one of our newest Pro plan client accounts and it shows up like this: Creative Requests — Mozilla...

A good case for always playing with monday.labs functionality when fun new things are released! :slight_smile:

I understood it would eventually disappear from my Pro account since it was belatedly deemed to be an Enterprise feature. You seem to be suggesting that it’s now a permanent feaure on my Pro account simply because I took a brief look at it in the beta? When I learned it would be Enterprise only, I lost all interest. Is this grandfathering account-wide or just for me?

Be great if would make these things clear to us.

I also still do have the feature in our account. Not using it a lot, but when I am, I am happy it’s there. It’s guessing whether it’s based on grandfathering, but it must be something like that.

The column templates in enterprise will be totally superfluous when this (Set Board as MASTER Board (Column Structure, Permissions, and Automations Applied Across Linked Boards) - #9 by PolishedGeek ) feature is released in enterprise. After this release they might as wel bring the template feature down to pro.

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Great point. By then it will be a lite version of the Master Board feature.

Cannot come soon enough… :call_me_hand:t2: