Column values in settings for dashboard widget

Hi there,
In app settings is it possible to let user select the column values which user is interested in seeing on dashboard widget.

Hi @vishwajeets,

Yes easily if by user you mean the one who can add/edit the App Widget in the dashboard.

If you can add the column field in your Widget Setup “View Settings”, you will get the user’s choices by listening to the settings.

Note that you can filter by column types to limit the choices, which is nice.

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Hi, Thank you for your inputs. It’s slightly complicated what I want to do . I first want user to select a column in settings and based on the selected column I want user to select values in column he’s interested in.

Ok, then I believe it would only work with a predefined list of values for each column type / column id.

I expect you probably need to build your own settting screen, and use the sdk storage to stock/retrieve them.

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Thanks again, I also thought so . Just wanted to confirm.

Hey there @vishwajeets and @LaurentConroux

I’ll check on this with the team just to be extra sure, but from my understanding, it does seem like @LaurentConroux is on point here :slight_smile: If I can add anything else to this conversation after talking with the team, I’ll post a new reply here.


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Thank you @AlexSavchuk I have defined setting in my app interface itself.