Columns board view setting not working?

Hey added the columns field to my board view settings but it’s not working - just displays the word columns and not clickable. Other settings field types work, including column.

Hey @rbabayoff,

what exactly do you mean?
Are you talking about the settings, when creating an app?
If yes, which setting exactly?


Hey, yes, settings, and specifically the columns setting.

Hey @rbabayoff,

Does it work if you select at least one column type in the Settings “Column” definition?

I had the same problem once when editing an existing “Columns” (changed some labels).
The drop-down list stayed empty until I added column types.

At the time it seemed to work fine when adding/creating the “Columns” setting, but not when editing it.

Hope it help

Hey @LaurentConroux, thanks for sharing your experience. No, it doesn’t, I tried both with and without column types and it stays the same.

Hi Ronen,

Helen here for the team!

Hmm that’s quite odd. If you want to DM a screen video capture of the issue, I would be happy to take a look for you to see where the issue could be coming from.

I would also recommend trying to reproduce the issue in an Incognito Window to see if that helps at all?


Hey @Helen ,

Did you try and reproduce it on your end and it worked for you?


Hi Ronen,

Just to clarify: are you saying that it’s impossible to select anything once you have added the “columns” feature to your app?

Or that you’re having trouble choosing the “columns” setting?

If it’s the first, I think that this is expected system behavior. Taking a look, you can see that the “columns” type is an object with the key of the board id, and value of an array of column ids. I believe this is a design choice, but will check with my team and get back to you.

While I don’t have a full understanding of your workflow, my suggestion here is to just rely on the “column” type if you are indeed looking for an interactive setting.


Hey @Helen,

I expected that the columns (plural) setting will allow me to select multiple columns, instead of only one, which I can do with the column (singular) setting. That was the behavior that I expected.

I have access to the board columns via the api, why would I need a setting for that? Are you sure that’s the expected behavior? To me, that doesn’t make sense. I would double check that.

Also, why would a setting, something editable by definition of it being a setting, be uneditable?


Hey @rbabayoff ,

recently I had an use case where I wanted to use the columns setting.
And now I exactly know what you meant.
This is indeed a questionable use of that feature.

@Helen with the column setting you are able to assign single columns to a single settings.
With the columns setting you can only "check"and add targeted column to a special column type, which is not really helpful as @rbabayoff mentioned.

Suggested would be a columns setting which summarize several columns to different columns and column types.


Hi @TMNXT-Dev and @rbabayoff!

I checked in with our team and it looks like the issue here is a UI misunderstanding.

As long as you have a board selected in the “Edit Mode” of your configuration:

as well as chosen the column types in that selected board:

You should be able to choose and select the columns you want in the frontend.

I have reported this as UI feature to be improved upon-- I see that it’s not easily findable or easily configured.

Try this out and let me know if it work for you! I was able to get this working myself.


Hey @Helen ,

it’s not about the setup or the usage, that’s clear. It’s about the functionality of it.


Hi @TMNXT-Dev,

Sure! I can understand that.

Just wanted to correct a previous misstatement of mine about not being able to select ~anything~ when choosing the “columns” type.

Happy to submit feedback for you about your listed concerns though.


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