Columns board view setting not working?

Hey added the columns field to my board view settings but it’s not working - just displays the word columns and not clickable. Other settings field types work, including column.

Hey @rbabayoff,

what exactly do you mean?
Are you talking about the settings, when creating an app?
If yes, which setting exactly?


Hey, yes, settings, and specifically the columns setting.

Hey @rbabayoff,

Does it work if you select at least one column type in the Settings “Column” definition?

I had the same problem once when editing an existing “Columns” (changed some labels).
The drop-down list stayed empty until I added column types.

At the time it seemed to work fine when adding/creating the “Columns” setting, but not when editing it.

Hope it help

Hey @LaurentConroux, thanks for sharing your experience. No, it doesn’t, I tried both with and without column types and it stays the same.

Hi Ronen,

Helen here for the team!

Hmm that’s quite odd. If you want to DM a screen video capture of the issue, I would be happy to take a look for you to see where the issue could be coming from.

I would also recommend trying to reproduce the issue in an Incognito Window to see if that helps at all?


Hey @Helen ,

Did you try and reproduce it on your end and it worked for you?