Columns that don't support reading or updates via the API

I’d like to ask if this documentation is still valid. I think that there were some changes. For example, when I add a new item using Postman or monday playground, I get an id of this item in the response. If I understand correctly, according to the documentation, it shouldn’t be possible. So, could anyone write what the changes are in this document?

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The Item ID column mentioned in the documentation isn’t the ‘same’ as the id variable in the query result.
The Item ID column is a column you can add to your board from the Column Center and for that, you can’t query that nor change it.
The id variable has always been available to be queired.

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What call api did you try? Can you share picture from postman?

item id is 4093091640 for that picture.

Hello everyone,

As @kolaai well said, the Item ID column mentioned in the documentation is a column type and not the ID you can indeed get in the response

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Thank you @kolaai!


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Ok, now it’s clear. Thank you.