I am using the API to update a Connect Board Column. In some cases the update is done correctly, but sometimes I get the following response:
{‘error_code’: ‘ColumnValueException’, ‘status_code’: 200, ‘error_message’: ‘Value exceeded max value for column’, ‘error_data’: {}}

The query that I have is: mutation { change_multiple_column_values(item_id: 1052421930, board_id:1052376936, column_values: “{"board_relation4" : {"item_ids" : [3599419724,3599419588,3599419564,3599419731,3599419447,3599419761,3599419460,3599419747,3599419654,3599419519,3599419792]}}”) { id } }

How can I solve this issue?

Hello there @msanchezEST and welcome to the community!

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I have a few questions about this:

  1. How many items did you have connected in that item before the mutation?
  2. What happens if instead of passing all those IDs, you pass half of them, and then the other half (in the same item)
  3. What happens if you add those same IDs (all of them) but to another item that has no connected items in that column?

Looking forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Matias!

  1. There isn’t any item connected in the item before the mutation.
  2. The message is the same regardless the number of items
  3. The exact same IDs can be added to another item in the same column.

I realized that cannot manually add elements in the item either.

Hi @msanchezEST,

This looks like it could be a bug. Please send us an email at so we can take a look at this issue from your account.