Combine items from multiple boards into a single board with a different grouping structure

I have four marketing teams, each with their own boards. The boards are used to plan/track programs, where each program is an item in the board. For all intents and purposes, the column structures are identical. They do have two different grouping structures - one by program status, the other by fiscal year/quarter.

What I am trying to accomplish is a way to create a main board that contains every item from all three boards, keep them in synch and, regardless of how they are grouped originally, group all the items by fiscal year/quarter.

I’ve tried all kinds of workarounds, but, I keep stubbing my toe.

My point of view: I’m trying to look at each of the four existing boards simply as “data sources” to populate the new board. I’ve tried mirroring all the columns, but, then the lack of full support of mirrored columns in automations becomes a problem.



Hi @bobby.caudill

Welcome to the community. Indeed there is no support (or hardly any) for automations on mirror columns. As an alternative you can use Match Index Column from the marketplace, however that is not updating the boards bi-directional. Only update in the source board(s) are carried out in the target board, not the other way around. This app uses normal monday column on the target board.

I have a very similar use case, Marketing team with a few different Boards based on the type of work each Board tracks.

Dashboards seems to be the best way to view data from multiple Boards at once (at least so far in my somewhat limited experience). You can specify which Boards to pull data from (including sub-items, if desired), with lots of config options for how it’s organized. I use the Gannt widget for this, but the Table widget might be what you’re looking for.

On the WorkSpace sidebar, at the top click “Add new…” and select “new Dashboard.” The dashboard will be created with a blank page. Use “Add Widget” and then the “More Widgets” link at the bottom.

Once you choose and install the widget, widget settings are in the top right corner, either under a gear icon or the …, varying by widget. You can select Boards, Groups, etc. there.


This is almost there for me – the Gannt widget does get all the items from multiple groups and even multiple boards, and combines them all one one list for easy viewing of due dates. However, it does not appear sufficiently flexible to show other shared fields, such as “person assigned” or “priority” – which my team has a process to use in coordination with due dates. Additionally, for what I need, the “Gannt” chart itself is not that critical for what I need, so using this widget seems like a somewhat messy workaround.

The Table widget is a bit further away. It does not appear possible to collapse all items from multiple boards and group into a single list for assessment. Having that ability would help us prioritize tasks for team members over the many, many projects they’re involved with.

Unless I’m missing something, this is a gap that needs some attention from the folks.


Hey guys, this feature is indeed needed by a lot of users managing different boards but wants to have same item. Just a week ago, we’ve launched na app that does this and you can try it out for free. It’s called Same Item Multiple Boards. Here’s a screenshot once you have installed the app