Combined reporting of ALL boards

We want to extract/ generate a report of every staff activity in
From Activity Log, we can view activity or export to Excel activity log only for 1 board
What is the Activity Log? – Support

But what if we have 80 boards? How do we export to Excel the Activity log of all 80 boards in 1 file? We can export to Excel each of the 80 boards and then merge/combine all 80 Excel files into 1 Excel file but that is very time consuming.
It is same problem with “Workload View”. We can view Workload for users/staff in 1 board but how do we view combined Workload of users/ staff for all 80 boards? cos a staff may work on a few boards so to view workload of all staff accurately, we need be able to view all Workload across all 80 boards.
Is there a third party app or add-on that can create such combined reports by extracting /compiling data of all 80 boards?

Would appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance

Hi @tylerrake - There are a few apps that you may find useful. Check out Combined Board view and also the new Team View app coming to the Marketplace soon. You may find both of these help address your pain points for consolidating data across lots of boards.

If you would like to chat about these apps and learn more, we offer a limited number of no-charge strategy sessions in the community each week. You can book one here: Book Polished Geek: more with

Next week our booking calendar is looking pretty full at this point, so if you would like to find a time sooner, feel free to reach out to me directly at and I’m sure we can arrange something.

Hi @tylerrake you might want to take a look at our Reports add-on which is available at the Marketplace. You can combine data from 80 boards and create fully customisable reports which can be shared via email/Slack.