CommuniHub Admin Configuration

I am the Admin for our CRM and I enabled CommuniHub for our boards but I have to do it one by one. Isn’t there away to enable these apps from an admin level and configure at that level as well?

When sending emails, it doesn’t pull up our contacts list and therefore we have to manually type email addresses in there which I think defeats the purpose of the integration?

I need to create email templates for the whole team to use and so we standardize our outbound communications. It appears as though this can only be done at the user level by each user? Is that correct or am I missing something?

We were also told that we can copy and paste our existing signatures into the email signature box and it doesn’t work? During the demo she demo’d a full email signature paste with images and hyperlinks and its not working that way?

I’d love to see a reply from staff on this thread, so commenting for an alert for when that happens.

The CommuniHub app has so much promise, but I feel like there is still a bit to do before it’s fully functional and makes sense to use.