Completely eliminated loading times with Universal Embedder, removed branding and full support for embedding websites.

We’re excited to announce we’ve gotten rid of loading times in Universal Embedder. Any link you’ve embedded will now load instantly.

Loading times eliminated

In addition, to allow you to focus exclusively on your embeds we’ve removed our headers and footers from the app. We’ve moved the functionality to a floating menu you can just close.

Add link to Workspace Embed

We’ve also made a number of additional improvements including:

  • We now embed websites / webpages wherever possible, rather than showing a summary of them.
  • We’ve added instructions on how to generate shareable links for many services in our documentation.
  • Box, Zeplin and Whimsical embeds will now occupy the entire app screen.

Any feedback or missing features - let us know! We’d love to hear what you think.

We do have a couple of known issues:

  1. Moving to full screen stopped working in embeds such as videos and presentations. We’re working with monday to solve this.
  2. Workspace Embeds will not load sometimes - this is a monday bug and we’re working with them to fix it. If that happens please reload the page.


Richard from Easyapps

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