Conditional function connected with date (or timeline)

Hello Monday Community. I want to build a production calendar where the items are product code (or SKUs) its subitems would be the tasks to achieve for every product code.
Every product code has these status “Country of origin”, “Type of supply” and “Month in store”.
If a product 1011 comes from “China”, is a “Repeat” and must be in store in “June”, different subitems starting from different dates must be created.
I tried to build this automation "When column Country is China and when column Supply is Repeat and when Month is June, then create a subitem and then create a subitem and then create a subitem… (And on and on for every task, by assigning to every task a different duration and a different timeline)
But I soon realised I would have to create 144 different automations (12 months x 4 types of supply x 3 country)

It would save me an enormous amount of time if I could connect a timeline column with a duration that would be conditional to my 3 status column.

Can anyone guide me ?


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Unfortunately, I don’t think that there is currently a way around the 144 automations using base monday.

However, monday does have an API which allows boards, item, etc. to be read and written to by other “programs”. The solution I recommend is called Make (formerly Integromat). Make is a bit like a “superhero” automations platform. With it you can easily create subitems with calculated values. So, for example, in your situation, you could use the “IN STORE MONTH” to calculate the timeline values instead of creating separate automations for every month.

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Thank you very much @JCorrell
I will certainly try the API, starting by viewing your youtube link.
Would it bother you if I reach out to you for further questions ?
Have a nice day,


You can connect with me via the Contact link in my post (preferred) or DM me here.