Conditional / Optional Pulses Based on Other Pulses

We work in the real estate industry and have a long list of things to do when we receive a new listing. We want to use to help up in ensuring everything is done, and done correctly. I have created a board for “new listings”. Within it I have several groups that logically separate the pulses. To make the system as simple to use, especially for new employees, it would be helpful if we could let them know when certain pulses are optional based on other others. For example, if the house was built before 1978 we have to get a lead paint disclosure completed. I can add a pulse for the disclosure and set it as optional (via a status field), but if the house was built before 1978 it needs to be required. Ideally it would not even be present as a pulse UNLESS the house was built before 1978. There is an automation that gets me close:

When status changes to something, create an item in board.

But that logic applies to ALL pulse statuses rather than just one. I would need something more like:

When status changes to something for item, create an item in board.

If I already have the optional pulse listed but just need to flip it to required then I would need something like:

When status changes to something for item, set column to value for item in board.

On the flip side, if they were to reverse the status there would need to be a way to switch the item back to optional or delete it from the board, depending on which option above is implemented.

There are many other instances where a particular pulse/item could be altered based on the status of another one. This has been somewhat implemented with dates/statuses affecting the dates/timeline of dependencies.