"Conditions" in automations

When creating a new automation with the new automation builder (which is awesome btw), you can currently set the trigger and the action. It would be great if we could also specify some “conditions”.

For example:
Trigger: When status changes from something to something
Conditions: If date is before sometime
Action: Notify someone

Taking it a step further, it would be really awesome if we could have multiple conditions so that we could build a complex combination of conditions such as:
IF (date is before sometime OR date is after some other time) AND (checkbox is checked)

I would also love this feature.

To expand on this, an AND operator in addition to IF and OR would also be great. That way an automation would be triggered of two (or more) conditions are met.

By the way, I would also love it if one trigger could be used to start more than one action in the automation builder.

I thought I’d put an AND operator in my last example, but I hadn’t - I’ve edited to include that now.

Also love the idea of multiple actions in a single automation.

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