Confirm before delete

I realise it’s been raised before, this is however a major flaw in, and and that is the ease with which both items and entire boards can be deleted without any confirmation being required. I’m aware of the undo button which stays for a fleeting few seconds, the action history, and the recycle bin.

It’s quite stupid in my view to be able to delete content without at least confirming the deletion in a dialogue first especially considering how easily content can accidentally be deleted and that this is a product aimed at boosting not reducing productivity.

It comes down to the point that it’s better if an accidental deletion (whether it be an item, a board etc) be prevented rather than having to be rectified.

Could it be possible to add a confirmation message before deleting a board? Or possibly add a message with an undo button or a link to the recycle bin please?

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Yes please! We deleted our main board by mistake which we were integrating with Salesforce. Even though we could “undo” on the spot, the integration broke and we had to redo it from scratch. This is very dangerous. Anything that can be deleted, especially a board, should have a delete confirmation.

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This is sorely needed! I accidentally deleted a link in one of my items and can’t get it back because there is no undo for this action either!

The delete button appears suddenly at the right side of links and attached items and can very easily be clicked accidentally…