Confusing doc id when using Monday API

I retrieved a board item that has a column of type “doc”.
The value returned for this column was:
“files”: [
“name”: “…”,
“fileId”: “xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“isImage”: “false”,
“fileType”: “MONDAY_DOC”,
“objectId”: 0123456789,
“createdAt”: 1701009184525,
“createdBy”: “12345678”,
“linkToFile”: “

So, following the documentation at Document blocks, I thought that I would be able to quickly retrieve the blocks of this Monday Doc by performing the following query:
query {
docs (ids:0123456789) {
blocks {

But it didn’t work.
API returned empty array for Docs:
“data”: {


After many trials, I finally figured out that the doc id is not the object id returned for the board item. It’s the id displayed on the Monday Doc above the outline.

This is very confusing because the Docs and Document blocks queries look similar.
The difference is that the Docs query uses “object_ids” as argument while the second Document blocks query uses “ids” as argument (i.e. in this case the doc id, which is not the object id returned by the board item).

query { docs (object_ids: 1234567) {…} }
Document blocks
query { docs (ids: 1234567) {…} }

Hello there @NicolasLfv and welcome to the community!

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Thank you for the feedback on this. I have shared it with the team in charge of the documentation :grin:


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In my opinion, the best would be to pass the doc id directly in the file object returned at the board item level. This would allow to skip a request to get the doc id.


I would also like to point out that the confusion is also present in the Monday interface.
When you open a Monday Doc, the document id does not match the “doc_id” parameter present in the URL.

Hi Nicolas,

We definitely want to check this out to see if there is an issue. Can you please send an email to with as much information as possible so that we can take a further look? Thank you!


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