Connect Board and Mirror column

We have a Master Board and 3 sub Boards(A1,B2,C3).—>connected with below automation

  1. When we move record manually from A1 to B2 or C3, the mirror column in Master Board displaying columns effectively with respective data

2.When we move records with automation like

in master Board displays the same correct data but after refreshing the screen the mirror column data disappears

For details see Below Master Board.

Please help us at the earliest.

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Hi @dhawlandra382 :raised_hand:

It seems to me that your “link to EAS” column isn’t connected to the C3 board. If you open the column settings for “link to EAS”, you should be able to connect with the C3 board as well. That way, the column can still hold the connection when the item moves to the new board.

@greg_elevate any other thoughts on this one?

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EAS is connected with all boards and it’s working when I move items manually but it’s not working when items move with automation