Connect to other platforms through CPI

I am trying to see how to set up the webhook integration from monday to CPI.
Where do you maintain the CPI credentials on so that can send a request to CPI?

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I am not sure I follow your question.

You are trying to create a webhook as explained here, in a monday board, that sends a payload to an endpoint of your choice. Correct?

In that case, you would just need an endpoint that is secure (https) and that sends back to monday the challenge as explained in the link provided. And that is it!

No extra credentials in the headers or anything else is needed.

I do not have experience with CPI but that is the process.

In which step are you seeing an issue here?

on the webhook when i am trying to set up an account with the CPI url, it shows the error "Failed to communicate with URL Provided.”

Hello again @NJohn,

As far as I can see, we don’t have an issue with webhooks right now because no other users are at this moment reporting any problems.

The possible sources for the error message you have are:

  1. Some typo in the URL you are passing
  2. The URL being HTTP instead of HTTPS
  3. The endpoint not sending back the challenge as expected as explained here
  4. The endpoint not being reachable when you try to add the webhook

Please let me know if you find anything regarding these subjects!


Oher url(http) created through MuleSoft is already set up.

The CPI url I am trying to add is https. Since it is https, don’t we need to maintain the secure credential on Monday so that Monday can reach CPI?

Hello again,

Again I want to remind you that I have no experience with CPI.

Having said that, if the endpoint is reachable, is HTTPS and returns the challenge as explained in the article, it should work and you need nothing else.

If that is the case and it does not work, please send an email to so we can take a look from there.