Connect Subitems to Items and show values depending on child status column

Hi, I have a question on connecting subitems.

I have 2 boards. Board A and Board B.

On Board A, I have items with subitems.
There is a status column at the subitem level.
Each subitem will be mapped to one or more subitem statuses.
Each subitem has a child timeline.

On Board B I want to create multiple columns based on the status value on Board A.
I then want to show the Max end date on Board B, from the subitems on Board A.

How can i make this possible?

I have found a way to do it, but with a problem.
I have created subitem formula columns on Board A to show the end date based on the status column. I.e. “If status = X then end date from child timeline”.
Subitems on Board A connect to Items on Board B.
If I connect to one subitem it works fine.
But when I connect to more than 1 subitem the date reverts to 0 instead of the max date.

Hey Vaneesh,

Is it possible for you to share a quick screen-recording of your set up here? It would be helpful to grab some more visual context just so I can better understand the roadblock and point you in the right direction :pray:

You can use to record the video! If you’d prefer, you can send me a private message :slight_smile: