Connected columns update bug

When updating “Connect boards columns”, some items are not connected. In the attached video, the items being created are supposed to look exactly like the first three. As shown, the second item is not connected. This happens spontaneously to different number of items if the number of items being created is numerous.
I did like to add that, the items are not been created concurrently but rather sequentially as shown in the video.
Here is the demo link.

@Helen @VladMonday @Dani
I have posted a number of questions (bugs) in the last few days and no response on any of them.

Hi @kolaai!

Apologies-- I think you may have posted your question in the incorrect section which is why our team didn’t see it.

Do you mind including the exact queries that you’re sending when making these requests? Are you seeing any error messages in your logs? Or is everything returning 200 along with the data that’s been changed?


I solved this problem by changing the object value for connect_boards from the originally received linkedPulseIds to item_ids and now everything works fine. Thank you.

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