Connecting board from text field

Hello everyone,

Since this is my first interaction, I would like to introduce myself. I am Diogo Malheiro, responsible for the project unit of a company operating in Portugal, and I am in charge of managing our Monday.

I am currently working on an issue with Monday and trying to find a way to solve a data migration problem. To facilitate the explanation, I have created a use case.

I have a set of employees from different nationalities. For data analysis, I have a board with the different nationalities and another board with my employees.


After exporting the data, the respective nationalities are stored in a text field.

My goal now is to transform the data and identify them as mirrors of the Nationalities board. I can easily do this through automation.


The problem arises when employees have dual nationalities and the field contains two values separated by a comma.

Is there a way to make Monday interpret these values and create two mirrors from this text?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hey Diogo!

Firstly, welcome to the community, we are so excited to have you :slight_smile:

I understand what you’re trying to achieve, however I am afraid this isn’t currently possible in the platform. Please see a recording of how you could potentially workaround this limitation.

I understand it changes things around slightly, but I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Hello Bianca,

Thanks a lot for your help but unfortunately we need the nationalities to be in the mirror directly and not as a text!