Connecting individual team boards into master

We are a team of seven, each of us having our own board to track our To Do and projects. We have weekly team meetings to go over projects and to do lists. Is there a way to get each of those seven boards to roll up to a master board that will show all to do items for our weekly meeting?

Hi @Jen_S - there are a few ways to accomplish this. You could actually have all your individual tasks within a single master board then mirror your individual tasks down to your personal board. This can be easily enough accomplished via a few automations (however it would require some level of re-architecture of your current boards). This gives a really cool reporting solution as all your data resides in a single board.

If you want to keep things as is, you could use the My Work view (via the image icon) and adjust the settings to view the items of other people:

If you need more info on setting up the first option let me know and I’d be happy to assist.

Is there anyone that can help me setup something like this to show in a demo that I’m presenting to our leadership today - I’m interested in getting buy-in for using Monday at our company and this is one of the key items that was listed as a requirement for a solution we will be purchasing.

Hi @JSDixon - Send me a direct email at and I’ll be happy to see if we can help provide you something for your demo. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info. I have a follow up question regarding the My Work view. So, that view is only for my board, correct? If that’s the case, I don’t think that’s going to work because I can only customize my board.

We have about 15 boards and one is called Weekly Meeting. Within that board, I want each individual team members projects to show up. I tried doing the connect boards and mirror but that didn’t work right. Any ideas?


Hi @Jen_S - you can add additional people into My Work to show the tasks from others - that would be the least invasive approach.

As long as all the individual boards can have a similar column structure, the more robust solution would be to have a “master” board (in your case the weekly update board) and have all the individual boards based off that singular master with mirrored columns. As individuals create tasks on their boards it automatically creates a record in the master and mirrors the data back to keep things in sync.

A bit difficult to explain via text, but what you would do it create your Weekly update board with all the columns you want people to track (status, dates, etc). Then create individual boards with a series of mirrored columns from the Weekly update board.

Then, have a local status column on the individual boards to trigger the below automation:


If you need more assistance feel free to reach out and possibly we could schedule a quick meeting to step through the design.