Connecting subitems to linked board

We are trying to connect information from subitems on one board to subitems on another board, and while we can have the summary reflected, it doesn’t seem the individual pieces of information from each sub item, will properly populate in another linked board. Please advise.


Hi @CaitVDW

Are you able to provide a screenshot or more detailed idea of what information you’re looking to populate? Feel free to drop me an email via if you’d prefer.

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Peta - upstream

Hi @CaitVDW Check out this new VLOOKUP integration / automation for connecting Sub-items between boards.

hi @Nir-Jetpack
I tried your automation and when I click on the link that says “trying to link sub-item?”
It gives me error 404 not found.

@Ben_psi sorry about that here is the link for how to auto-connect subitems on using VLOOKUP