Connecting templates for new projects


My projects have always the same content

  • they are built with 2 Boards and one dashboard,
  • the boards are connected together, including with “connected board” type of columns.
    Let’s name them
  • BoardA
  • BoardB with a connected column to BoardA

I have created the relevant templates.
However, when I launch a new project, I create my boards from the template but the connected elements stay connected to the template boards it was created from.

My Newproject Board B remains connected to the initial BoardA instead of connecting to the Newproject BoardA

I have tried to do the following on “connected board” columns : add the new board then remove the initial one. It breaks all connexions.

How can I do to switch the source board from BoardA to Newproject BordA?

Hey Christine! Charlotte here from the monday team!

When you mention adding the new board and then removing the initial one breaks all the connections, do you also mean it breaks the new boards’ connections too?

We’d love to take a closer look into why this isn’t working for you - would you reach out to our team here?

We look forward to connecting and getting this resolved together! :muscle:

Hi There!

I can see what’s going on. When you are automatically creating boards from templates but those templates are connected to each other, they will always reference the original template connections.

You will need to build a workspace app within the developers portal that allows you to create the connection everytime correctly with the set of boards.

If you want this to work where the automation creates a set of boards with connections we have developed those before with a custom integration and can ensure everything connects!

Connect with us here: Contact Us - Axanexa

Good luck!

Mike B
Automation Architect

Thank you Mike,

I will refer to our dev guy

Best regards


Hello Charlotte,
No, it does’nt break the links with the additional board.
Let’s says that I ways naively hopping that the items would “naturally” connect to the second board as I replace the initial one with the new one and the board are absolutely identical

I have added an explanatory picture

Best regards

Hi @Christine75,

That will take a custom integration for this to auto map the right fields.

Our link is above if you want to explore this together for a free consult.


Mike B
Automation Architect