Connecting to OneDrive... Doesn't seem to be happening

Hello, I am trying to connect my OneDrive to the files folder on a board. I have tried various ways to do this. When I go to the integrations page from the board, I can see that there’s a feature page showing the two services connected, but no way to connect it. And when I try and connect OneDrive to a board through my account page, it doesn’t work.

Can anyone help with this seemingly simple item?

hi @greenflare

Welcome to the community. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to use your OneDrive folder when adding files to a file column? Can you show with a screenshot what you see when you say that you can see that the services are connected?

Hey @greenflare, thanks for posting and welcome to the community!

You can connect OneDrive by uploading to a files column or the updates section, and only if you are using on an internet browser (not the desktop version). The File Column, The Updates Section

You can also link to a OneDrive folder using a link column: The Link column