Connection Timeout Settings on server side

Hi there! :wave:
Our App is growing and we want to optimize performances.
We do a lot of requests to the “file” ( and “standard” endpoints (
We would like to implement a keep-alive, but even without it, we sometimes see timeouts from the server (only for the files).
What are the server side timeout settings? What do you recommend on client side?

Hey @jeromeskiply :wave:

Thanks for the great question! At the time, we timeout calls to our endpoints that take over 1 minute to complete. I’ve tested this on my end and I had no issues uploading a 400+ MB file through Postman, even though it’s taken over 1 minute to process, I still got the asset ID back in the response.

Would you be able to troubleshoot this with us over email? I’d love to see the query you are using, a timestamp of the issue, and perhaps even the file you’ve tried to upload so we can replicate the behavior.

What do you think?


Hi @AlexSavchuk!
Thanks for your help.
We are sending small 1/2kb qr codes, but we are sending a lot of them at the same time.
I was asking for the timeout of the connection (keep alive), to know how long we can keep the socket opened.
Basically, we succeed 99% of the time, but sometime, we have a “socket hanging” message.
At the end, as we answer 500, is retrying after 60 seconds, so we don’t loose data, but the user can be confused by this delay.

@jeromeskiply hmm, got it.

I will clarify this further with the team to make sure, but as far as I’m aware, the requests that fail on timeout will still finish correctly after the 1 minute period. For example, if you duplicate a very large board via the API, the request can take over a minute to fetch back the board ID, so the request will timeout, but the call will stay active and the board will eventually be created.

Does that make sense? i’ll follow up with further info as soon as I can.