Continue fixing bugs on *active* features (My Week) instead of abandoning it for a future feature (My Work) that is still in beta

A bug was recently introduced in My Week that separates the calendar pop-up (from its pulse) when the browser viewport is ~850 or greater, and pushes it off the screen. The taller the viewport, the further detached the calendar becomes. This prevents users from editing dates in My Week, which is the primary project management tool on Monday for many.

We reported the bug on 9/1/21 and were told: 1) that it will not be fixed because “the developers will no longer be working on any improvements on My Week since it will eventually be removed from all accounts”, and 2) to start using My Work, which is in beta / labs, and is nowhere near ready to be used as a replacement for My Week.

My Week is an active feature that many paid subscribers rely on. It is currently broken. Addressing it should not be considered an “improvement”, but rather a high priority fix.