Control timeline weekends per board or workspace

I have different boards that need different controls for weekends. But your timeline weekend control is overarching which means we have either boards that wont include weekends when we need it, or boards that do include weekends when we don’t need it. Please give boards the power to control timeline weekends

Does anyone else need to see timeline weekends in some boards but also need to omit them in other boards?

I think this could be a good feature to add



Yes, this would be a great feature.
Overall custom workdays per board would be great.

For example, my organisation gives employees every other Friday off additional to the weekends.

This would absolutely benefit us!

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Hello everyone :slight_smile:

You can now do all these using the Date Check app. Using templates, you can set weekends or non-working days for individual boards.
Click here for early access.

The weekends setting should be a little more flexible, either by board or workspace. Previously, it only applied to timeline columns and it was recently (Nov 22) retro-fitted for date columns as well. This has wreaked havoc on my organization as we sometimes need to set weekends as a running date for an item but the deadline should always be on the weekday (we don’t work weekends). This has caused a lot of issues for us when using to create timelines with dependencies as we now have to manually update each line item to not include weekends. Help please!!!

It would be great to also be able to set holidays (company closures) by board or workspace alongside the ability to choose weekends or not.

Hi Marcy,

Just out of interest, why would you need to plan a deadline in a weekend? Is that because monday dependency does not work correctly with deadlines (that should really take 0 days from a planning perspective).

Our partner Work Perfect has an app SchedulerPro that support real deadlines (taking up 0 days). The app is in the process of getting listed at the monday marketplace. You can express your interest by using this form here . The contact person for this amazing app is @Kimb

Very soon after initial release the holiday blackout will be introduced. This will work as a view where you can create multiple schedule. Each different board can use a different schedule. Below is a sneak preview of the working day schedules view. The app also supports lead and lag days and all 4 dependency types.


Thank you for this. I went ahead and filled out the form. This will be perfect for my timeline boards and I have been asking about holiday blackouts since we acquired our account.

To clarify, we’re an advertising agency so our traffic team will set weekday deadlines based on (sometimes) weekend run dates of a publication. However, during our busy season, we will sometimes even have to set deadlines over the weekend. The ability to be flexible with working days from board to board is extremely helpful.

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I agree, I need to skip weekends on some projects, on others I need weekends. I need the ability to manage this at the board level, not the admin level

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We have one team that holds events on weekends, and needs the ability to select a weekend date in the timeline/date column. While I know I can enable/disable weekends for our entire instance across the platform, it would be helpful to enable this on a board-by-board basis, so this one particular team can see their weekend events on their timelines/calendars/dashboards, but we dont have to toggle the weekend view off for every other team across the platform.

Is there any way to shut off the ability to use weekends at the board level, rather than just the account level, when using a timeline? On the whole I don’t want timelines to reflect weekend days but there are circumstances where that is avoidable. However I want it to be be limited to just the boards that need to infringed on weekends, not every timeline that is generated.

Separate but related, is there a way to define non-working days at either the account or the board level (akin to SmartSheets)? So if I wanted to block out 7/4, 12/25, 1/1 from being reflected in timelines, do I need to set those as specific items in a board with a dependency to move around (which is clunky) or can I just eliminate them as working days?

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I had a call today with our TAM and had similar questions. I was told today that:

  • Workdays is a global setting so it will impact all Boards in all Workspaces
  • Adding in specific days (i.e. National Holidays) is a WIP.

Commenting here to say that our team is very large and we utilize workspaces. Some workspaces need weekends available for work and some need to block them to fully utilize dependencies to adjust timelines. It would be great to allow for the weekends to be blocked at the workspace level at the very least to allow for different teams to work the way they need to in a large enterprise.


Just here to add that this would also be helpful for my organization! Hoping issues a fix for this.


I didn’t even realize this wasn’t default behavior – now that somebody with admin access to Monday has set this option though it is an extreme issue. I am not using my board for deadlines, I am using it to keep records of things happening and need to accurately select dates! It would be much appreciated if this could be corrected.


Hello everyone :slight_smile:

You can now enable weekend date selection by board basis using the Date Check app.

Click here for early access

Any update on being able to turn off weekends and holidays at a board level? I turned it off globally but it impacts everyone using

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Hello @mniswonger @lucidmattnj @sbarrington ,

Check out the Date Check which we will be releasing soon. You can do exactly this and more.
Click here for early access.

Here is a demo


It would be great if a feature was introduced to set custom weeks/weekends at a board level so teams can better leverage using the dependency and duration/timeline.

At present the only way to ‘turn weekends off’ is at an account level which is not always appropriate as different teams/departments may have different working weeks Mon-Sat, Sat-Thur, Mon-Fri.

Allowing custom weeks would benefit users worldwide.

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