Conversations over multiple items with Conversations App for

Hi guys! I would like to present new app - Conversations App for! :raised_hands:

With Conversations App, you will be able to collect and show updates from all connected boards, linked items, dependencies and subitems in one place.

The Conversations App is providing an additional item view that will make it possible to show all linked updates at one glance.

Features :white_check_mark:

  • Get updates from Connected Boards columns
  • Get updates from Dependency columns
  • Get updates from Subitems
  • Get updates from multiple levels

Example use cases :star2:

  • Get all updates for a project in one place.
  • Prepare for meetings with clients by reviewing all updates related to the the client.
  • Create private boards and link all items you would like to see updates from.

Get Conversations App here :point_right: Apps Marketplace

Pricing :moneybag:

The app has a 14 days free trial. After that, the pricing plan will be 7.98 USD per month.

A subscription covers unlimited users and usage within one account. You can add Conversations view to unlimited number of boards and everyone in the account can use it.

For help and support :yellow_heart:



This is so great everyone - I use it in our CRM to have all information between client, contact and project in one and the same view…

Give it a try!

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The price is per account or per user?

The price is per account, and a subscription covers unlimited users and usage within one account :relaxed: