Convert a string to an integer

Hello all, I would like to use the diagram option for a column. I’m receiving a String via email-update from a control system. With the formula column, I can extract the information I need from the string, resulting in the format “1234”, i.e. a four-letter string consisting of numbers. To use the diagram (and sum) functions, I need to convert this string into a value. Is this possible? I couldn’t find any function to convert a string into a number.

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Are you sure it doesn’t already work. Generally, in monday formulas at least, numeric strings are automagically retyped to numbers when possible. If not, you might try just adding 0 to the string value.

For example, if you put “1234” in a formula in monday and have column summary visible, it will show the sum of the string values. “1234” + 0 also works.

Good morning and thanks for that hint! Adding “+0” to the formula did the change!
now it works!

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