Convert an item into a group in a separate board and apply a group template

I need to use automation to make an existing item become a new group title in a different board and apply a group template (a project checklist)

This is project management we are doing

A project begins as a new item in monday.

once a project has been accepted we need to convert it into a new group, apply a template or saved group checklist) in a different board.

the reason we are using a different board is because all of the columns are different at this point. so we can not proceed using the same board.

Using automation
we need the item name to become the new group name in another board
we need to group to become a template/checklist. so we need a pre saved group setting to apply. this is basically a project checklist

This can all be done manually but we need automation to assist. Is this possible?

is there a better way? how can an item turn into a group in a different board? I am asking for a group because the item needs to turn into a group/ checklist so we can begin the project. but it must start out as an item first, in a different board


hi @dfurt

This is an interesting approach. Is there a “template group” somewhere that defines the items needed to be added in the new project group? Are the columns the same?

You can’t achieve this out-of-the-box, but you can do such a thing through Integromat or an app that is designed to do this. I am interested to explore if I can build such an app if that app is usable for a wider audience. Just drop me a PM if you want to explore this.

I found out how to complete the first step - move item to another board/group

simply create an item in the new board first and then in the new board create a new group when the item is created. its an extra step but i can collapse the item creation group and have the subsequent group created open

now i need to figure out how to make a “item template” group apply each time a group is created

after all, isnt a “item list/task list/checklist” the bread and butter of

so i am assuming these large companies who use it arent creating or copying a new task list for every single client or project they create. i am assuming the “item” list applies automatically somehow

Are you able to rename the group? I am trying to figure out how to automatically re-name the group.

Hello @dfurt,

Looking at your second comment, I think it is something that the Duplicates and Uniques app can help you with. Basically, you can create a template and trigger it on a status change for example or can even run the template manually from the app if you wish. The details of the template might include copy from a group to another. So when run the template, it will automatically create a group or use an existing group (depending on how you setup your template) and then copy the items over. You can decide how you would like to copy your items.

Here is a video that shows the copy functionality at work.
Here is another one which shows how to copy column values.

Hope this helps. If you have any question, you can always reach out at

Yes I would like to do something similar.

I have greated a group on a board as a master checklist and we are manually duplicating that group every time we need a new workflow for a project. These groups of items aren’t big enough to warrant a new board every time, but simply a new group. I’d like to know how to automatically trigger the duplication of the group when the status of an item in another group changes.

Group templates would be a great idea.

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Hello @SandraJ,

You can definitely do that through the app using templates. An example of how templates work is shown in the video in the previous answer.
If you have any questions, you can always reach out at
Will be happy to help you through.

Hi @kolaai (Alfred),
Thanks for sharing these videos.
I work as a solutions engineer here at and I’ve just discovered your app, I think it’s AMAZING. It opens a whole range of additional use-cases. Is there a possibility for you to support dynamic values as new group and board names? This will allow users to automate the creation of boards and groups from templates whilst providing them with the required titles, which is SUPER important. I would be more than happy to schedule a quick meeting for us to discuss this, will also send you a message here in private.
Thanks !

Hello @ShaiSolanOFFICIAL ,
Thank you very much for the kind words. Very encouraging and it reiterates the fact I have been trying to put out there that, the app is capable of doing a whole lot more than it might seem. As the API opens up, more and more features will be added to make it even more powerful for example, it can be used as a tool to backup boards if one wishes. I have opened a feature request here on why that functionality is excluded for now and also the ability to delete columns will be very helpful too in helping the app to run faster.
Concerning the dynamic board and group names, it is a very great idea and I’ve seen the request for such a feature on the forum quite often so it is something we are planning to include in the app.
Once again, thank you for the kind words, very much appreciated. Will reply to your private message too. Thanks.

Thanks Alfred !
I’ve added a plus 1 to both your requests.
I think it could be very beneficial for us to have a quick meeting since I have some additional ideas for your app, but I think that the app is already incredible.
If you can add dynamic naming to the boards and groups then I will demo this app A LOT to clients, and my job is to demo to clients all day long. Today I’m performing these processes with Integromat and it’s simple and easy, so I know that technically it’s very possible. It would be extremely beneficial to be able to run all these processes within the monday UI.
I’ve also sent you an email to the contact address on your website, if you can please reply to my email then we can try to schedule a quick meeting.
Thank you very much.


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I have seen and replied your mail. Thanks.