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Hopefully this is possible…in excel you can take a date and change it into a 5 digit number by clicking on Format Cells and clicking on general within the numbers tab. Is there a way in to turn a date into a 5 digit number as well?

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I’m curious why you would want to do that.

In any case, this will work:


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I’m building out a billing formula. For one of our services, we charge by the day, I want to be able to have my team input the date the client started their service and it will calculate how much to bill per quarter. The downside to doing it by date is that the formula could get quite complex as the years roll on unless I created separate boards…Not wanting to do that. My other solution is to stick with manually inputting a number that corresponds with the date, example: January 1 = 365, December 31=1. This would allow me to keep the same formula (with the exception of leap years) and keep the years on the same board.


You might want to check out the DAYS() or WORKDAYS() functions as well.

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