Copy a column to another board

I would love the ability to copy a column to another board.

Use case:
We set up a default status column that works for most of our boards. We also set up templates that we can use for specific cases. However, sometimes we have a board that we are working on and would like to copy over specific functionality to a similar board so we do not have to redo the work. An example of this would be a column with drop-down menu items or a status column with many options and specific colors.

This could be as simple as a menu option when clicking into the column menu -> Copy to Board.

I’ve tried dragging the column to another board and it actually appears to accept it, but then when you visit the target board it is not there.



Hi @rick

Totally hear you! This might be on their list to add. posted it a while back.

Yikes, sorry for the repost! I’ll delete this. Thanks!

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I agree, this would save us from a lot of rework in that we could reuse Status & Dropdown lists across our boards rather than recreating