Copy an automation from one board to another

+1 on this feature! We aren’t very big … we have 5 boards. We can’t be copying automations by hand to each and every board.

Really hope this feature isn’t stuck in enterprise!!!

+1 on this feature as well… having to recreate an automation across 50+ boards is a non-starter.

We need to be able to copy/paste from one board to another, or have enhanced Templates that incorporate prior selections, or a batch script to deploy to multiple boards… something!

The Master Template function would be positively amazing… any updates on that, is it still on the product roadmap?

Any update on this feature? This is desperately needed. Do I really have to manually recreate the same automation across all the dozens of boards we have? Saving an automation as a template doesn’t seem to save all the details of the automation, but only the skeleton of the automation.

Any update on this release? A general timeline would be greatly appreciated - or alternatively a road map with this feature listed so we may track. Thanks

New to monday and as I build our boards AND tackle the set of problems around introducing to everyone in our organization to build their confidence around it so they actually want to use it…little inevitable mistakes in automations from manually copying from one board to another feels like it could be a deal breaker for us.

Need to be able to update automations for many boards simultaneously to keep consistency with updated workflows or I fear I’m going to have trouble convincing the organization this was a good idea…

To get around the slow BS from I created a “template” board that I manipulate all of the automations and structure. I then duplicate this board and move groups/items from a board to the newly created board to keep all automations the same. This is stupid and a complete time waste. Also, the automations view is the WORST! It is almost impossible to see what I have created and how everything works together. Get rid of the cutesy UI crap and just provide a better list and throw in a workflow viewer.

Hi all,

Thank you for your patience with us, and our sincerest apologies for the delay in updating you all. We are currently working on a process to improve our responsiveness to not only the community threads, but also addressing feature requests, and would really appreciate if you can redirect the votes on this thread, to the primary thread (most voted) here: Any way to set an automation across an entire account? - #8 by AlexisN. This way we have all the votes in one, and can better prioritise this feature request based upon the total amount of votes :pray:

Thank you!