Copy an existing app for multiple Devs using ngrok

Our developers all use ngrok for parallel development. So I have three developers who all need to connect their own ngrok instance to a monday app while they develop and test.

We’re adding several new settings into one of our apps right now, reordering and relabeling settings, etc… It would save me considerable time and manual effort if I could finish my settings in one app first, and then copy the updated app three more times, one for each developer.

How can I keep all of the settings and information in sync for multiple developers using ngrok, without unnecessary (and error prone) manual work?

By the way, I originally sent this as a support request asking for a particular app to be copied, but they directed me here.

I don’t think there is a good solution (yet). I have seen some responses that is looking into version control and release management. Let’s hope the include this.

I think it would be a good approach to be able to copy and move features (with all their settings) between apps. In our environment we have apps in a development and a production environment. Version control at the backend is quite easy using GIT, but whenever I need to copy an app from development to production I need to do the setup all over again.


Hey @PolishedGeek - as Bas mentioned above we’re hoping to make this process a bit easier in the future, but don’t quite have an ETA just yet.

A good alternative in the meanwhile might be using something like GIT to control things in the backend.


Hi @dsilva - Yep, we already use a repo. The problem is having to copy settings and all of the setup inside of Developer apps area feature by feature for 3 developers that we’d love to avoid. It’s not something that can be addressed by our external devops processes. Looking forward to when we can duplicate an App inside the Developers area.

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