Copy an info to fill in the connect column data

Hi, i want ot use the form view for a HHRR action request, however to avoid missespellings or human error typos, we want to connect the code number of the employess from the data base already place in a board on Monday. The forn View doenst allow to see the connect column. Is there any way were i can create a type of Vlook up to copy/reflect or link the info introduce by the requester via the Form, and get the info on the data base board?

Hey @Tania15, thanks for posting about this, and welcome to the community!

What would you think of using a status column for employees to choose their code number? That would show up as a dropdown on the form. Do they know their own number?

We don’t have a native Vlookup functionality, but I believe there is one in the apps marketplace:

Hi there @Tania15 & !

There’s a free app that gives you vLookUp like capabilities, you can install it here.

Here’s how you use the recipe:

I’m here if you got questions, you can also reach me by email:

Hope this helps.