Copy comments/attachemnets across tasks in mirrored boards

I have two boards, Board 1 and Board 2 (for example). So using mirrored columns/automations, when I create a task in Board 1 it is automatically created in Board 2 and both the tasks are linked together, meaning if I change any column in one board it is automatically reflected in another board.

Now since these tasks are linked, how do I copy the comments and attachments created in the task. As in if I comment on task in Board 1, it is also reflected in the linked task in Board 2. Same goes for attachments?

Hi @rameezekhan each pulse is technically separate so they won’t be able to show in each. One way around this would be to create a text “comment” box which you can mirror betweens boards but it’s far from ideal.

Hi @rameezekhan! Are you referring to copying over the Updates section from Board 1? If so, the Updates and attachments from the Updates will not be connected to Board 2 through mirrored columns and automations. Like @samtoms said, using the Text column might be helpful here.

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