Copy item's data by clicking a button

Hi all!
is there a way to copy data from an item by clicking a button?
I was trying to find an automation and couldn’t find one.
I know that copying programmatically requires a window object, that we cant have on a backend component.
Is there a workaround within monday that can be used?

Hey @yuvalNakav,

You might try doing this from a custom Item View App, but I am not sure it will work.

The Views are displayed in an iframe created by
These iframe do not authorize the copy of a value to the clipboard in the iframe.

I an interested in the workaround if someone has got one :pray:

Best regards,

I’m here to show my interest in such a feature. From a former Click-Up user, this would really help get things a little (I know it’s just a little bit) more quicker.