Copy items + move items

I think there are the feature for copying items, or moving items.
But are there a feature to copy and move items simultaneously?
Our boards have notification features when items are created.
So once I copy multiple items and move them, unwanted notifications are sent to the someone.

Off the top of my head, I think the way I would do what you’re describing is the following custom automation:

“when xxxxx happens, duplicate item and move item to board

That doesn’t fix your notification problem though.

I can probably still help find a way to help but I need to understand the use case more. If you’d like to try to solve this problem over a Zoom call feel free to let me know and we can try going at it together and see what kind of solution we can drum up.

Best of luck either way!



Maybe there’s a way to duplicate the item into a group where notification are turned off, and then move the item back to the relevant group to avoid getting notified? Seems like a weird workaround but maybe it could work