Copy paste from Excel Column to Monday Column

+1 on this feature please.

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Yes please. So frustrating to be sitting here, manually typing in data from 124 rows into 124 Monday items :frowning_face:
Any dev response would be most welcome.

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Its crazy that you cant do this either via a direct import or within Monday between 2 groups on different boards, I have created a group with 500 tasks and I want to add additional columns with existing data from Excel received from clients in bulk. This is just a VLookUp on excel and is an incredibly basic function that should at least be possible to work around from a copy and paste between boards that are identical in length (number of tasks), where you don’t have to then select each one to add individually. Please please please can you take a look at resolving this?!

Thank you in advance.

I just installed a vlookup app. It’s in the marketplace
It’s free for I think 3 boards.

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ill take a look thank you. Im liaising with to try and see if they can add it as a development feature, it seems lik ethey are 90% of the way there they just need to make the import auto populate based on a cell in the existing board.


Hi, I completely agree that this should be offered as a feature. Have you tried update with Excel in the marketplace? I am evaluating now and it seems like it could do what you want but it’s not free.

Simple trick to import a new column from Excel, just tried it and works: save your Excel file with the first column to match the item name in Monday and then the new columns you want to add or update. Then start the import new elements process, match the columns and finally check the option to update the item if the item name is the same. It works for me to update a column for a +600 elements table!

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Agreed to this feature request!
Being able to copy and paste columns into monday from an excel would be game changing. It would save me close to 10+ working hours per month and decrease the amount of “shadow system google sheets” of my Monday boards.

ALSO: If we could get a Copy and paste columns from Monday-- that would save me another 10+ hours per month.
Thanks for all the help team,

The only way I can think to do this (without manually typing or copying/pasting each item in) would be to export the whole board, make changes in Excel, re-upload. But that get’s really sticky with boards that have lots of different columns of different types, especially since the import feature only allows for text, number, date or status columns… and it resets all the status colours, etc. Gets very complicated to get it to a place where you can then move it all back into the original board to replace everything.

If Monday folks can either add this feature or tell us what makes it not possible to add, that would be great. Maybe some of us could troubleshoot with that information.

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I’d also really appreciate this feature. It’s extraordinarily time consuming to add info line by line when I already have it in an excel spreadsheet. It’s a real flaw with this program. (I don’t want to import an entire spreadsheet, just easily copy / paste a list of information, whether text, dates or other info to a specific column in an existing group.

I’m exploring project management software for my company, and the lack of this feature working makes this a hard pass for us. Far too time consuming to manually enter everything, too many projects and timelines to use bandaid work arounds.

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I am having the same issue, I will spent hte next 2 hours copying numbers…wish me luck :frowning:

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

We have an app coming up which allows you to copy from any source, be it Excel, Google Sheets, Word etc directly into your monday board columns.
Here is a demo of how the app works
Currently, we are adding a few final touches to make it available on the marketplace.
If you would like to be notified when the app is released, you can join the waitlist here

And if you have any questions, you can always reach out to us at