Copy/Paste into columns of numbers/text

I am currently creating a board for resourcing and it would be great if I could copy a column of numbers (from a budget spreadsheet) straight into a numbers column on a board. I know you can copy & paste pulses but couldn’t get this to work for columns of text/numbers.

Note: I don’t want to export the entire excel spreadsheet to create the board just one or two columns of info, hence the import data function wouldn’t work for this.


YES!!! I want that also! When I was first presenting the Work OS to the team I was like “We can even copy and past info like the task name!” and one coworker said “What about the data pertaining to that task?” I was super excited and jumped the gun on that one when I said “ can do anything! It can even copy and paste the amounts!” welp…I was wrong :man_facepalming: