Count how many items exist and use it in a formula

I’m struggling to do something that is quite easy with Excel.
I have a column (A) with many items, and each item has a creator (not a unique one, one creator can make many items).
I have a mirrored column (B), that shows a list of all the creators associated with all items that are in A.
for example, if Dan created 3 items out of 6 that are in column A, he will appear on column B 3 times.
I want to do something simple - count how many time a specific creator (like Dan) exists in column B, and them assign a value with a formula for payment (for royalties).
I have only a handful of creators, so I can create a column for each one, and the do the calculations separately.

Is something like that even possible? Can I identify, count and formulate items from a mirrored column?

Thank you!