Count like values down a single column + use in a formula

We are using a Monday Board as a CRM and have customers who belong on teams, but also customers are “solo”. I am trying to create a view using Filters to only show people on a team. I would like for this view to be dynamic, because we are adding and subtracting customers all the time, and filtering by a list of teams would require changes every time someone left or joined.

I am moving over from a Google Sheet and previously I was using a =countif nested in an =if to determine if a value in a specific column had any other rows with the same value - from there I could use that column to filter.

After reviewing the Formulas available in Monday, I can’t seem to find any that support using inputs from multiple items, mostly just referencing a single value in the same item.

An ideas how I can achieve this desired view?

Hey @Ethan, thanks for posting about this! Formulas in will only work horizontally, not vertically (i.e., not down a single column).

Can you elaborate on why our native filter functionalities wouldn’t work in this instance? If you mark that people are part of a team they will be automatically added to the filtered view: The Board Filters

Hi Talia,

The goal for this board is to require as little manual entry as possible since there are many people’s hands in the pie and there are also about 2000 items to manually update which is not ideal.

Are there any plans in the roadmap to support basic formula functionality to read whole columns or whole boards like countif in excel or Google Sheets? Without this feature, it’s tough to justify migrating a spreadsheet using even basic formulas to a Monday board.