Count multiple tasks with the same date as one workday


I was hoping someone could help me out with this one. Dont know if I’m just being stupid :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

When I have a duration column linked with my timeline it counts all dates that are the same as a workday.
So the sum of all days is technically incorrect.

TASKS Timeline Duration
Task 1 01/01/23 1 day
Task 2 01/01/23 1 day
Task 3 01/01/23 1 day
Task 4 05/01/23 1 day
Task 5 05/01/23 1 day

The above example would return the total workdays sum as “5 days” but I would like to create a column which recognises that all tasks that happened on the same date would equal “1 day”
So total workdays for the above example would read “2 days”

Below is another example form one of my boards. I’m trying to get it to read “3 days” instead of “6 days”

Hi @KaelWilson,

If you’re flexible as far as how you structure your board, you could have one item per day and enter each task for that day as a subitem.

If you’re not, you could add a numeric column and manually enter 1 for the first task of the day then leave the column for the other tasks blank. Then you’ll get your exact count from the other column.

Thanks @GCavin , appreciate the feedback! Think I’ll give your suggestions a go :slight_smile: