Count the days each person is assigned to a board/project

I’m trying to output the total number of days that each person is involved in a project (I’m using boards as projects) based on the timeline timeframe set for each task.

For example…

  • I am set as the ‘Owner’ of 2 tasks, the first one spanning 28th-30th September, the second spanning just 5th October. I am involved in the project for a total of 4 days (28th, 29th, 30th Sep & 5th Oct).
  • Joe is set as the ‘Owner’ of 1 task, which spans 1st-4th October, so he is involved in the project for 4 days.

The reason I’d like to do this is because me and my team each charge a daily rate, and I’d like to eventually auto-calculate our quotes for projects based on the project plan. I’ve tried various widgets, and even using Integromat (to aggregate the dates) and Airtable to carry out more advanced formulas, but to no avail. What’s frustrating is this would essentially just be a count/sum of the days highlighted in the Workload, but I can’t find a way to do this.

Thanks in advance!


I don’t know what you’ve tried or what problems you’ve run into. But, based on your description, I guarantee we can make it work. You can schedule time with me here: Initial-Consultation

Jim - The Monday Man