Count Total Projects


I’m trying to do something which I believe is quite simple, but I can’t find discussed anywhere. Our setup is a number of client boards, each containing the client’s creative projects we’re working on. Once a creative project is completed, it is archived automatically after a few days.

I’m trying to create a dashboard that will keep count on the TOTAL NUMBER of projects we have ever done for that client, including any projects that will eventually be archived.

What’s the simplest way to do this?


Hey Joel!

It might be easiest to keep a monday workdoc in the folder for each client with a table listing each project and then add them up manually. You could embed this doc into your Dashboard as well.

Alternatively, you could do a “Search Everything” for the client’s name and filter by board. To keep track of this without having to re-do the search, you can screenshot the search results and embed it into your Dashboard.

Neither of these are perfect solutions so it would be great to hear any other community members’ takes on how to do this!