Count unique date/times on Dashboard

Can I create a dashboard widget that shows a count of unique date/time values?

We have a board where team members record training activity conducted. Each row item is an individuals name, with key column fields (company, duration, status and date/time).

If a group session is conducted, the team member still records each individual as an item, even if they all attended the same session. I.e. a 1 hour group session on 29/01/2021 at 10:00am with 10 individuals means there are 10 items with the same time/date.

Currently, these would all be counted as individual sessions totalling 10 hours of activity instead of 1 hour. I’m looking to be able to count only the unique date/time values so we can distinguish one-to-one sessions from group sessions.

Of course, I am open to suggestions on how to modify our processing of these items if it achieves the goal.

Hi @SteveE - Without seeing your boards or knowing more, perhaps using SubItems for the individual records when something is a group training event, with the main Items being kept for sessions?


Screenshot of the board attached. You can see these are all group sessions, where the item is the individual.

What I’d like to count is how many unique instances there are, based on the date column. Using the attached example, there are 4 group training sessions as there are four specific dates/times set - just some have more than one individual attending.

The reason we’ve not used subitems is that it would require replicating all columns for ea

ch individual, and they can’t be imported in bulk like a main item would.

Hey @SteveE,

Would filtering be at all helpful here? You could filter by one of the four group training sessions or specific dates/times to see how many unique instances there are. The Board Filters

Thanks for replying.

Filtering works on the main board which is great for snapshots of certain activities, but I was really hoping there would be a way to display a summary ‘count’ of the unique entries on a Dashboard view.

The Pivot function may have allowed me to achieve this but it’s Enterprise-only so really looking for a workaround of sorts.


Hi @SteveE - If you want to expand your reporting capabilities without upgrading to Enterprise, have you checked out the Screenful reporting app in the official monday․com Marketplace? Apps Marketplace may be helpful for you.

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Appreciate the suggestion - we trialled Screenful and found the dashboards very visually useful but are yet to figure out whether the original query can be resolved on a Pro plan without having to extract all data to Excel and manipulate it there.

Hi SteveE,

There are two possible solutions here. For finding duplicates, a new app, VLOOKUP Auto-Link, may be helpful here:

Alternatively, try using the chart widget (or view) and configuring the x-axis to “Date” of item, you can then use the median calculation function  assuming all training times are the same to then visualize training sessions per date.

Hi @Christa, thank you for your response. I’d be interested to try the chart widget suggestion - your screenshot is not displaying though. Could I ask that you please respond with the image attached again? Thanks


Of course. Please let me know if this attachment below works:
big-Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 2.04.55 PM

Alternatively, here’s a snapshot of the shareable chart view: Chart pulled from this board here: Table.

The chart view is a bar chart, the x-axis is the date column, the chart is grouped by day, I checked both the count items and hours for the y-axis (perhaps you only need one), and made sure the calculation function returns the median.

Give it a try and let me know any questions you may have.


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