Counter: +1 on status

Hello, I want to build a counter that +1 every time a status goes to a specified status.
Is it possible with a formula column.

Hello @Franco,

One way to do it would be to use the IF or SWITCH functions inside the formula, linking each status to a number. Depending on the number of statuses it can be a long formula but it will work.
Hope it helps,

Hello @PedroM

Thank you for the suggestion.
It is not one number i want to use it has to count each time the status of the same puls is set to “revision”. So first time status “revision” is 1, second time status “revision” the number has to change to two. this wil be in the same pulse.

Hi @Franco

This would not be possible with a Formula column. With monday apps you could develop an integration / automation that looks like:

When STATUS changes to SOMETHING increase this NUMBER with one

which than can be used on your board(s) as any other automation.

Can you direct me to information on how to get started with this?

A good place to start is

Just to be clear: developing a monday app requires programming skills and environment and it is still beta. I am developing some integrations ans as soon those can be uploaded to other accounts I will introduce a marketplace for these integrations.

Hi @basdebruin, how you could make an automation from monday apps?
I cant see this avaliable on “Features”, screenshot:

Hi @hlopezvc

It is under Integrations and you integrate with itself. With Integrations feature you can build sentences like this one:

and add it to your board just like any other builtin automation.

PERFECT!!! I will try,…

@AaronRipper-Enable and his team have made a Gamification app for that uses the activity log to look at changes. The same adaptation can be modified to present the revision version.