Counting two persons as one

In my employee directory, the items conists of the name of the collaborator. Since some employees work in two different departments, they figure twice in my board: The item is therefore identical (same person = same name), but of course the “department” column differs.

If I a create a diagramm by “department”, the double count is, of course, correct. But what if I need the total number of employees, reports based on this total number… I get a double count since Monday just counts the number of items (so the same person is counted twice).

Any idea? Thanks in advance


Hey @ManfredBel,

Hmm, so essentially you’re looking to pull a report that blocks out any duplicate employee names? In my opinion, whilst I understand it may not be ideal, I think perhaps adjusting your current set up might minimise the manual labour otherwise associated with this process. My idea is to have each employees name as items in your board (appearing only once), and then utilise a dropdown column to identify the different departments the collaborator is apart of - this enables you to better count the employee names and keep track of the departments they’re apart of without those duplicates.

In terms of setting this up in a chart, you would need to ensure a people column is setup to assign those collaborators, and you can then utilise a stacked bar chart to analyse department per employee:

Would something like this be an option for you?

Thank you! But I don’t think this is an option, since I need to differentiate by a combination of fields – so I not only need to put the dfferent departments in (that could be, as u suggest, easily done with a dropdown) but also the hours employed in each department etc. So I think I need a different „items“. But then, I have an employee two or even more times in my list.