Crate Subgroups

We use Monday as a CRM and we currently group contacts by customer type (i.e. vendor, partner, etc.). We would also like to subgroup those groups by company (so each company under vendor would be its own group). We have tried subitems and that is not helpful for us. It would be better if we could group by customer type then by company.


have you tried using a filter/sort function?

yes but when you have hundreds of items in a board that becomes a tedious way to organize data.

Hey Fatherlock,

one way I have found to organize this is to use a status column for my ‘subgroup’ or in your case ‘Company’. Then you can sort by the company and/or in one or two clicks filter by the company as well.

Obviously my suggestion is similar to that of Marc1 so I apologize if this still doesn’t work for your team, but for our use cases that tends to provide a good method of organization.